Love and laughter as Hardeep Singh Kohli visits Stratford Circus

Hardeep Singh Kohli (pic: Steve Ullathorne)

Hardeep Singh Kohli (pic: Steve Ullathorne) - Credit: Archant

“Don’t bring your parents because you’ll get embarrassed.” That’s the message from Hardeep Singh Kohli ahead of the arrival of his stand up tour, Hardeep Is Your Love, which comes to Stratford Circus later this month.

Hardeep Singh Kohli (pic: Steve Ullathorne)

Hardeep Singh Kohli (pic: Steve Ullathorne) - Credit: Archant

“It’s about love and sex in middle age,” he said.

“It’s kind of autobiographical, in that I’m a middle aged man and I’m not getting enough sex.”

The show was premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has seen a few tweaks to it before the national tour.

Fans of Hardeep who have attended his previous tours should expect a slight variation to what has become an established norm

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“My other shows were about cooking, which doesn’t really feature in this one.

“It’s still going to be fairly similar though; I haven’t changed.”

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The show at Stratford Circus will be a welcome return to the area for former east London resident Hardeep.

“It’s my only London date so I’m going to have lots of friends there as well.

“It’s a really interesting place to play; it feels like you’re talking to people more than doing a show.”

So what are his plans for after the tour?

“The show will never finish,” he jokes, before explaining a couple of radio projects he has lined up.

With an established career as a broadcaster as well as a comedian - he became a familiar face during his time as a reporter on The One Show - he enjoys the challenges that a stage show brings.

“You can say things that you can’t get away with on radio, and it’s a lot more spontaneous.

“I had a woman in Hull tell me her mum was a dominatrix, which took up 20 minutes of the show.”

Hardeep Is Your Love will be at Stratford Circus at 8pm on Saturday, May 31.

Tickets cost between £8 and £12 and can be booked at

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