London Riots: Top Newham officer praises the community for support and spirit

Newham Acting Borough police Commander Sean Vickers has thanked the Newham community for their support and spirit during the current disorder in the country.

He said the support was so valuable for his officers.

He said: “I would like thank the Newham community for their strong support and community spirit during these challenging times. The messages of appreciation and thanks for officers and emergency services colleagues have been overwhelming and certainly kept morale up amongst my teams.

“Last night we experienced some disruption in the Canning Town and Custom House area by a minority group of mindless criminal’s intent on causing disorder. We swiftly deployed our officers to deal with the offenders and managed to prevent any escalation of disorder as seen in other parts of the UK and return the streets to the community. I believe this is testament to police tactics and the fantastic officers we have in Newham committed to protecting the public.

“We currently have a team working tirelessly to examine CCTV images picked up across the borough. We will follow up this evidence in the coming days in order to bring anyone else responsible for criminal acts to justice.”

At Forest Gate police station this morning officers were given agift of coookies from the local Amish community.

One officer said: “It a gesture like this and some spontaneous applause that some officers have been given that shows what the real community is all about.”

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Commander Vickers added: “We continue to appeal to parents and all those responsible for young people to work together with police to ensure that youngsters do not get drawn into any disorder across London. There is absolutely no excuse for violence and there is a role for the whole community - police, parents, schools, local leaders and others - to stand together and convey the message that crime and disorder will not be tolerated.

“If anyone has any information or concerns regarding any disorder please call 999 in an emergency or to report a non emergency incident call 101. We have set up a dedicated number for the Newham community to report any information or intelligence relating to disorder in Newham on (020) 8 217 5078. To remain anonymous you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”