London Riots: More images of those who shamed Newham - can you help identify them?

The second lot images of those people who shamed Newham have been released.

Police, Newham Council and the Newham Recorder have joined forces to help track down those whose actions shocked us.

The Council and the Recorder are publishing pictures taken from CCTV images of people Newham Police want to speak to in connection with criminality around the recent disturbances.

There will be more images issued as officers examine the footage taken from in and around Upton Park and in Stratford, East Ham, Canning Town and Beckton.

If you recognise anyone pictured or have information about the violence and disorder we saw on our streets, contact Newham Police’s 24-hour intelligence unit on (020) 8217 5078.

When identifying any of the people shown please ensure you quote the reference number beside the image. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously and in confidence on 0800 555 111. Information given to Crimestoppers could earn you a cash reward.

We are publishing images on our website and in paper, Newham Council are uploading them to their website and they have produced a special issue of the magazine, the Newham Mag

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It will also contain messages of cohesion, support for police and show first CCTV images of people police want to question in connection with the disturbances.

Copies will be distributed to homes, others to community locations, libraries, Local Service Centres, police stations, hospital, GP surgeries, community centres.

Also Newham Volunteers will distribute the Mag to shops in areas where disturbances took place. Newham’s 60 councillors have also been issued with posters to distribute within their neighbourhoods.

You can see Newham Council’s website at

Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales has announced a series of measures designed to tackle the disorder we saw on our streets.

Sir Robin said: “What we’ve seen taking place in Newham and elsewhere across the country is completely and utterly unacceptable. There is no excuse and there must be no repeat of scenes we all saw on our television screens.

“Thankfully our borough was not as badly affected as others in London and elsewhere, because of the strength of togetherness and cohesion in our community.

“Nevertheless, I am strongly committed to taking robust action against anyone found to have been taking part in the recent violence and looting. We are publishing a special edition of the Newham Mag containing the first images, with more to come, of those suspected of involvement in the disturbances. We are offering a reward through Crimestoppers for information from our community that identifies suspects and helps bring them to justice.

“If you live in council or social housing, and you or someone living with you is found to have been involved in serious disorder, we will actively seek to evict you. If you commit crimes against the community, you do not deserve the support of the community.”

“Many of the criminals involved in the disturbances assumed there would be no consequences to their actions.

“They arrogantly thought they could do what they wanted, steal and smash what they chose to. In Newham we will not tolerate behaviour that endangers residents, impacts on businesses and causes disruption.”

“Our staff have been doing a great job assisting residents, clearing up the mess and helping to keep our services up and running. Any staff member convicted of involvement in the disruption maybe sacked. We will expect Council contractors to do likewise.”

“Having a criminal record jeopardises a person’s life and could affect their chance of getting a job. Parents, carers and peers need to act responsibly to help keep our children and young people out of trouble.”

The council and police have also issued a safety text message to more than 45,000 parents and carers in Newham, which said: “Pls keep your children safe by knowing where they are this evening. We’ll find & prosecute those involved in violence.”

Sir Robin is working to protect Newham and its residents using the council’s existing powers. From rewarding those who provide information about crime that leads to a criminal conviction to seeking compensation costs from vandals, he has pledged to do whatever it takes to ensure that people think twice before disrupting neighbourhoods.