London Riots: Bottles and bricks thrown at police in Custom House and Canning Town

Large numbers of police have been drafted into to Custom House and Canning Town as groups of youths gathered in different parts of the districts.

Missiles have been thrown against police trying to do their best to protect the community.

Police wearing riot gear have cordoned off many streets as they bid to keep the peace in the same way that their colleagues in other parts of the Capital are to cope with the London Riots.

Youths have been putting waste bins in streets and setting fire to them and there has been a report that Prince Regent DLR station was hit by missiles and a bus had been windows vandalised.

Some bottles and bricks have been thrown at police and one shop has has goods taken by looters.

The streets involved include Prince Regent Lane, Cundy Road and Victoria Dock Road.

Police said they had channelled resources into the area and were doing their best to keep matters calm.

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Locals contacting the Newham Recorder praised police for their efforts.

Some officers have donned full protective gear as they have had bricks thrown at them.

One mother told how she and her two children were surrounded by threatening youths in their car

The mother, who does not want to be named, said: “ I got caught up in problems in Prince Regent Lane.

“Teenagers were throwing rocks and bottles at police vans.

“I was parked up in a side road as I couldn’t get out on the main road, I phoned my neighbour to tell her and a bunch of youths approached my car with rocks in their hand and started asking me why I was on the phone...

“They called there mates over and I suddenly had about eight youths surrounding my car,” she said.

“I told them to go away as they were getting mouthy and holding rocks against my windows.

“One of the youths see I had a four month old in the back and told them to leave me alone, they all stood bac k and when the boy who told them to leave us alone left they approached again.

“A few bystanders shouted to them to leave me alone. They walked away and then as the road cleared I put my engine on.

“They they approached my car again and my eight year old screamed and begged them to go away and I drove off.”

Recorder photographer Steve Poston captured these two images at the scene.

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