Cable car between Olympic Games venues breaks down - passengers trapped over Thames

People were left dangling high in the air when the brand new cable car above the River Thames broke down, today.

The �45m pound Emirates Air Line is set to be used during the Olympic Games by thousands of passengers.

It connects together Games venues the O2 Arena in Greenwich and the ExCeL centre in London Docklands.

But travellers today were left hanging in suspension for half an hour while experts scrambled to get the capsules moving again.

Alistair Owens was among those trapped. He took to Twitter to describe the situation - with water 300 feet below.

“London Emirates cable car has broken down and we’re dangling mid-air over the docks - seem to be evacuating,” he wrote.

“Can see cable cars closest to ground have been evacuated, but we in mid-air are being told nothing. Come on Emirates. If we require any assistance we have to press the emergency button. Do you think they would bring me a coffee?”

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Staff returned passengers to terra firma by 12.20pm.

Owens labelled it a “great school holiday mini adventure.”

Head of Emirates Airline, Danny Price, apologised to customers.