London City Airport ranked as one of best views in world

View of London City Airport from the sky

View of London City Airport from the sky - Credit: Archant

The next time you want to take in some of the capital’s top attractions including Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Olympic Park, don’t waste time planning a jam packed day of sightseeing – instead fly into London City Airport.

For the airport’s approach to landing has been as named as one of the best views in the world.

Aircrafts follow the path of the Thames and take in many of the city’s iconic landmarks - which has clearly impressed passengers who were asked for their opinions in the company’s annual poll.

The airport, ranked 9th in the best airport views poll, is in good company – Las Vegas, Queenstown, the Caribbean and Cape Town also make the list.

Declan Collier, CEO of London City Airport said: “Our runway is set in London’s Royal Docks, surrounded by water on three sides, with the Thames running parallel and the many landmarks and iconic buildings of the UK’s capital city nearby.

“It is a truly wonderful view and leaves airline passengers in no doubt that they are about to touch down in one of the world’s most important cities.”

And it seems even pilots agree.

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“I have landed there many, many times as both pilot and passenger, and I never tire of the steep approach and stunning city views,” Adam Twidell, pilot and CEO of PrivateFly, said.

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