London 2012: Weather reports for Olympics and Paralympics released

Rain, some sunshine, and highs of around 23C - that is the weather report for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Met Office has released data, based on records from the past 30 years, showing the typical weather Britain gets in July, August and September in London and across the other London 2012 Games’ locations.

In the capital the average maximum temperature for July is 22.9C and for August is 22.8C. In September the average maximum temperature falls to 19.5C.

Despite it being summer, there is likely to be some rain based on data from the past 30 years, with the Met Office saying rainfall is expected on around 10 days a month. July sees an average of 40mm of rain, while August sees 49mm and September 57mm.

Based on the data there are roughly 6.4 hours of sunshine a day in July and August, decreasing to 4.7 in September.

John Prior, manager of the Met Office National Climate Information Centre, said: “The UK is an island nation, and as a result has an island climate which can vary widely both from day to day, week to week and year to year.

“This climate information provides a guide to the type of weather that we could typically expect. As the Games draw closer the Met Office will have local forecasts for the Olympic and Paralympic Games on our website so that everyone can make the most of the Great British weather.”

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The Met Office is providing weather forecasts to the Olympic and Paralympic Games organisers, for the competing athletes and their coaches, visitors and those responsible for the logistical exercise of transporting and ensuring the safety of huge numbers of spectators.