London 2012: Swoops made in Stratford on ticket touts

Podium police warn touts and buyers to beware

Police arrested five people on suspicion of ticket touting just hours before the start of the Olympics Opening Ceremony, Scotland Yard have revealed

Two people were also arrested in relation to the alleged theft of two Olympic lane passes.

All seven were taken into custody in the Stratford area by plain-clothes officers.

A 57-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman have now been charged with ticket touting.

Officers made a further 11 arrests yesterday on suspicion of ticket-touting.

The head of Operation Podium has issued a stern warning to ticket touts that their activities would not be tolerated.

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Detective Superintendent Nick Downing said: ‘We have been, and will continue to seek out and take robust action against anybody who tries to cash in on the 2012 Games in this way.’

He added that anybody buying tickets from unofficial places could end up with their personal and credit card details being stolen for use in other crimes.