London 2012: Legacy to set foundation for accessible Olympic Park

There may be 100 days to go until the Olympics, but the London Legacy Development Corporation has its sights set much further ahead. Chief executive Andrew Altman writes about the legacy of the London 2012 Games.

From this month, the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) will manage the ongoing regeneration and development of the Olympic Park and surrounding areas.

It is the next step in the legacy story and continues the work of the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC), which has helped ensure that plans for the park are further ahead than any previous host Olympic city.

The LLDC has a broader remit, greater powers and an expanded physical boundary to help connect the park to the surrounding area.

Already, six out of eight permanent venues have had their future secured providing jobs and training, sporting and leisure opportunities to our local communities.

Over the course of 2012, the development corporation will continue to set legacy benchmarks by announcing plans for the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, appointing an anchor tenant for the Press Centre and Broadcast Centre and securing additional uses for the stadium.

We will aim to appoint a developer to build our first new neighbourhood, Chobham Manor, and gain outline planning permission for all five neighbourhoods to be built on the park over the next 20 years.

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With only 100 days left until the Games, we are also advanced in our preparations for what will happen immediately afterwards.

From September 2012, we will take over the day to day running of the park and embark on a �292million construction programme called Clear, Connect, Complete to clear Games-time overlay including temporary venues, walkways and roads; connect the park with new roads, cycle and pedestrian paths that stitch across the site and into the surrounding area and complete permanent venues, bridges and parklands for their legacy use.

That work will set the foundation for an accessible park with events, attractions and world class sporting venues for everyone to enjoy.