London 2012: Docklands to welcome spectacular tall ship

The world’s second tallest ship, the Kruzenshtern will be berthed in the Docklands for the Olympics.

Members of the public will be able to take tours of the spectacular ship, or simply enjoy the view from the dockside. The Russian vessel will be joined by a selection of other tall ships, along with cruise liners and super yachts.

This is Kruzenshtern’s first visit to London’s West India Dock, and she will be berthed at Wood Wharf, Docklands, between July 27 and 10 August 10. The ship was built in 1926 and at At 114.5 metres long and 62 metres high, she will just squeeze under the newly-built Thames cable car at Greenwich. She has a crew of 150 and is used to train the Russian navy.

After the Sedov, she is the largest traditional sailing vessel still in operation, with 34 sails that would cover a football pitch.

Visitors will be able to step on-board and take a tour of the ship, including the upper deck, museum, Orthodox temple, crew cabin, engine room, steering wheel, and have a chance to get a photograph with the crew.

Gareth Stephens, Docklands harbour and waterspace manager at British Waterways, said: “We are very excited to be welcoming the Kruzenshtern to London this summer. She is a unique vessel and I can’t wait to see her sailing down the Thames.

“The docks will be full of a whole range of vessels, from the graceful Kruzenshtern to the cruise liner MS Deutschland, the biggest boat ever known to have visited Docklands. Boating enthusiasts, families and anyone looking for something a little bit different should come down and take a look.”

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Andrey Makarkin at Logic Events, for the Kruzenshtern, said: “We are all very thrilled about our first visit to London; it is a significant occasion for everyone involved. The Kruzenshtern is historic and glorious ship, and we are very proud to be bringing her to London. We hope the event will be a success and everyone who visits the ship will gain unforgettable memories.”

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