London 2012: Danny Boyle visits future Olympic Games ceremony stars in Stratford

Oscar winner and Olympic Games master of ceremonies Danny Boyle is probably used to watching auditions from seasoned Hollywood pros in the film world.

But the Slumdog Millionaire director cast his eye over potential future stars of the opening and closing ceremonies at Colegrave Primary School in Stratford on Tuesday.

To mark six months to go until the first day of the event, Games organisers Locog today confirmed the under 16s performers will be selected from schools in the six host boroughs in its London 2012 ‘Get Set’ education network.

Colegrave, along with Essex and Hallsville primary schools, Lister Community School and Cumberland School are the Newham schools to be in with a chance of a fantastic opportunity to perform in the opening ceremony on July 27.

And there will be no place to hide, with an estimated worldwide TV audience of more than one billion people.

For the selected children, there will be between 15 and 20 rehearsals taking place at the schools before moving to the Olympic Stadium itself.

Locog chairman Seb Coe added: “The students involved will have an incredible experience which will build confidence and a sense of pride in themselves.”