Local elections 2014: The parties hoping to end Labour domination

Voters will have their say on May 22

Voters will have their say on May 22 - Credit: Archant

Voters across Newham will take to the polls on May 22 to decide the political make-up of the borough for the next four years.

Residents vote for three councillors to represent their ward

Residents vote for three councillors to represent their ward - Credit: Archant

Currently, all 60 councillors belong to the Labour Party, as does the directly elected mayor, Sir Robin Wales.

However, seats are being contested by representatives from a variety of parties.

Stefan Mrozinski is aiming to become the borough’s first Conservative mayor.

He said: “Community integration is a huge issue in our borough. Our diversity is a great strength but immigration and integration needs to be managed carefully. That means respect for newcomers irrespective of their race, religion or nationality but it also means that newcomers should make efforts to integrate.”

He also wants to see more affordable family homes built.

The Christian People’s Alliance says it will have 50 candidates with Alex Latim its mayoral candidate. The party wants to cut council tax by 50 per cent and reduce or scrap the landlord’s licensing tax.

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It also plans to make all visitor parking free, while increasing spending on environmental services.

Newham Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition will also stand, with Lois Austin running for mayor.

She said: “A third of families in Newham are deprived. We’d lift people out of poverty.”

The Green Party has also announced it will be contesting seats, with Jane Lithgow running in the mayoral election.

The Liberal Democrats is still finalising its list of candidates.

The deadline for nomination papers to be submitted is Thursday, after which parties will finalise their list of candidates.