Terror raid in Stratford: Three still being questioned

Terror arrests: Three still being questioned

Three brothers are still being questioned this morning following a dawn raid in Stratford yesterday connected with alleged terrorism.

And Scotland Yard have confirmed that one of the three arrested in Newham is a former police community support officer.

It is understood the arrests relate to a possible plot involving Islamist extremists, with potential UK targets.

One of the three brothers served with the Metropolitan Police for more than two years before resigning in September 2009.

The force said he had not been “deployed in any specialist or sensitive roles”.

The brothers, aged 18, 24 and 26, were detained in Abbey Road, during an operation involving armed officers.

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Neighbours were shocked as more than 50 police in riot gear stormed a terraced house.

The property in Abbey Road was raided by officers who are thought to have used explosives to break open the front door.

The trio, were detained as part of a pre-planned operation. The 24-year-old was tasered during his arrest but did not need hospital treatment.

They are still in custody. Smoke grenades were also used in the raids.

One of the suspects is understood to have attended Rokeby School, and had recently got married.

Neighbour Mark Window, who also lives in Brassett Point, which overlooks the house, said he was woken up by the sound of “one big bang, and then sounds like little firecrackers.”

He said: “I looked out and saw loads of people going in and out and then just milling around, they looked like ninjas, and a couple of them looked like they were wearing gas masks.

“Of course it was a big shock. A lot of people round here keep themselves to themselves. You see people going in and out of the house but nothing unusual.

Mohammed Malik, who also lives in the block of flats, said it was occupied by a family of two brothers and one older woman.

He said: “They are a Bangladeshi family, I have seen them quite often going in out but they are quiet like everybody else.

“The noise woke me up at exactly 4.15am, it was two or three bangs. You hear noises but you just think it’s from the scaffolding (on Brassett Point).”

Sarah Nelson, of Abbey Road, said: “As soon as I heard it, I thought it was a terrorist attack and we are all going to die.

“It must have woken everybody up.”

It is also understood that a car was taken away from outside the premises.

The Metropolitan Police said the operation was not linked to the Olympic Games

As part of the enquiry, two men, aged 21 and 29, and a woman, 30, were also arrested in west London this morning.

All have been taken to a south-east London police station where they remain in custody.

A total of eight properties and one business premises were searched in east, west and north London under the Terrorism Act 2000.