Shoppers get ‘low down’ on low-fat diet from NHS experts to avoid diabetes

Public health experts in East London are encouraging the public to talk about their health during Diabetes Week beginning today (June 12).

Three ‘drop in’ events are planned by NHS East London & the City on Wednesday and Thursday in food stores to persuade shoppers and passers-by to think about reducing the risks of developing Type 2 diabetes.

The first two on Wednesday are at ASDA’s in Beckton, 10am to 12noon, and at Morrison’s in Stratford 2pm-4pm. Thursday’s event is at Plaistow’s Queens Market in Green Street, 10am-12noon.

“We are asking people to think about their diet and lifestyle,” said NHS East London diabetes specialist Jo Law.

“There are simple lifestyle changes people can make such as eating a lower fat diet and becoming more active—it can make a big difference helping reduce chances of diabetes.”

The public will be able to meet specialist nurses and even have their blood pressure and sugar level tested. More than 94,500 people so far have learned their diabetes levels online using the Diabetes UK website: