Police target Newham ‘boy racers’ in operation

Nine cars were taken off Newham streets as police arrested five people in an operation to tackle ‘boy racers’ on Saturday.

Operation Raw was set up following complaints from Newham residents about gangs who regularly meet and race along Royal Albert Way, Beckton.

Officers believe almost a third of the vehicles, sometimes numbering more than 200, hit speeds of more than 100mph.

Although often referred to as “boy racers”, those involved are aged between 18 and 50.

On Saturday large numbers of police from the Met’s Traffic Unit and Beckton Safer Neighbourhoods Team stopped and warned 75 drivers over traffic related offences.

They were either issued with a summons to appear in court at a later date or issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Traffic officers also examined around 75 cars to look for modifications.

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Vehicles are usually modified so they are capable of higher speeds and are often fitted with modified exhausts making them extremely noisy. They also use nitrous oxide to increase acceleration and dangerously bald or ‘slick’ tyres.

Many of these modifications are illegal. If insurance companies have not been informed, policies may be invalid and vehicles can be seized.

Chief Inspector Dave Moorhead from the Traffic Unit said: “This is an extremely dangerous activity which disturbs residents and puts the lives of other motorists in danger.

“These people have even been known to drop oil on the roads to make it easier to ‘drift’ on the road surface.”

The five men arrested were taken to east London police stations.