Officers warnings over dangerous goods

Newham residents warned to be on the lookout for dangerous phone chargers and religious icons on sale in the borough.

Trading Standards officers working for Newham Council have seized 10 counterfeit iPhone chargers from shops. Similar illegal models which have been confiscated elsewhere in the country have exploded and caught fire.

Ten counterfeit chargers were taken from three shops in the Green Street area during a series of raids in September. A further 16 were taken from around East Ham (High St North end).

They were selling for just 99p – when legitimate models cost about five times that. They are believed be manufactured in China and smuggled into the country.

The main danger is poor wiring which means users are not properly protected against electric shock from short circuiting. Some models have only two pins – which is illegal in the UK. They have no markings or instructions. There is no name or trade mark and no model number.

Councillor Unmesh Desai, Executive Member for Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, said: “These items are potentially highly dangerous and we would urge any would-be customers who spot them to get in touch with our Trading Standards officers immediately.”

Trading Standards are considering prosecutions and are tracing the items back to the wholesalers – who are believed to be based in the Midlands.

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They also seized 13 models featuring Hindu Gods and five clocks with figures of Christ on the cross.

The brightly coloured items, which have been confiscated from High Street shops in the East Ham area light up with flashing lights. They range in price from �30 to �175.

Officers warn the goods – which they suspect have been imported illegally from the Far East – do not have proper electrical checks or certification. Some have loose wires.

Shoppers risk electrocution or the threat of them catching fire, according to an independent tester.

Anyone spotting these items should contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 or