Newham votes NO to AV

Newham’s voters voted no to AV in the results just announced at the ExCeL centre this evening.

The borough was one of the first in the country to announce their result.

Voters went to the polls yesterday for the referendum on the system used to elect MPs to the House of Commons

The result in Newham of the referendum on the question “At present, the UK uses the ‘first past the post’ system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the ‘alternative vote’ system be used instead?” was : Total yes votes 21,085 and total no votes 27,169. The turnout was 27.27 per cent.

London saw 35.4 per cent of voters take part in the AV referendum

London Elects, which oversees the counting of votes in the capital, confirmed the figure, higher than many expected.

Most results should be in around 10pm.

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Scotland has had the highest voter turnout of the eight regions so far with 50 per cent.

An army of vote-counters began tallying the totals at Newham Leisure Centre this morning.

The borough’s referendum results were phoned through to the national counting centre at ExCeL in Custom House.