Newham’s Dog Control Orders to be extended to Olympic Park

Byelaws were passed before the full council on Monday to extend new dog control orders into the Olympic Park.

Two-thirds of the park, due to open on July 27, is located within Newham but neighbouring boroughs Tower Hamlets and Hackney have agreed to the byelaws for the areas they cover.

Newham Council already has Dog Control Orders (DCOs) that apply to land open to the air following brutal attacks made by a pitbull crossbreed on police officers in Stratford last year.

But the DCOs covering the Park mean owners - or anyone in charge at the time - will have to keep their dog on a lead in the Olympic Park at all times and remove their canine’s excrement from the land or face an on-the-spot fine of £80.

Failure to pay can result in criminal proceedings with costs of up to £1,000.

The decision was made at a meeting of the full council at Newham Town Hall.

The finance officer noted a key issue would be enforcement of the byelaws which will be subject to consideration at a later date.

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Currently, DCOs can be enforced by Street Scene Enforcement Officers, Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).