Newham police officer sacked over allegations of racism

A police officer has been sacked for allegedly racially abusing a suspect during the course of an arrest.

PC Alex MacFarlane was found guilty of gross misconduct at a Metropolitan Police Service hearing yesterday, after he allegedly abused a 21-year-old man while escorting him to Forest Gate police station.

The incident happened in August 2011 after Newham police officers arrested the man in Routh Street, Beckton, on suspicion of driving while unfit.

He was taken into custody, where he complained that he had been subjected to racist remarks in the police car on the way to the station.

PC MacFarlane previously faced trial for racially aggravated public disorder – but jurors were dismissed in October 2012 after failing to reach a verdict.

But at a hearing on Wednesday, the officer was sacked from the police force. Commander Allan Gibson, directorate for professional standards in the Metropolitan Police, said: “The misconduct hearing carefully considered all the evidence in this case.

“It quite rightly took a very serious view of PC MacFarlane’s conduct and emphasised that all members of the public have the right to be treated with respect and courtesy.

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“PC MacFarlane, as a trained officer, was expected to behave professionally even in the face of provocation.

“His breaches of our standards of professional behaviour were judged so serious that dismissal was the only appropriate outcome in this case,” he added.