Will Newham’s MPs vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal?

MPs Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms. Picture: L.BROWN/S.TIMMS

MPs Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms. Picture: L.BROWN/S.TIMMS - Credit: Archant

Newham’s MPs have revealed they both plan to vote against prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

West Ham MP Lyn Brown and East Ham MP Stephen Timms both slammed the government’s plan.

Members of Parliament will vote on the 599 page withdrawal agreement struck between the government and European Union on December 11.

It sets out the arrangements for the UK’s exit from the EU including plans for workers rights, future trade and border arrangements.

Ms Brown said: “Theresa May has taken us down a road to ruin.

“Two years since the referendum, she’s cobbled together some vague, non-binding and frankly depressing promises for a future outside the EU.”

She accused the prime minister of trying to intimidate MPs and the public into supporting a “botched Brexit” which doesn’t deliver on Leave campaign promises.

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“Brexit will harm the economy, jobs and living standards in West Ham. I will not collude in making my constituents poorer and a very few much richer,” she said.

West Ham’s Labour MP said the country needed a general election to kick a failing government out but if the Conservatives remain in power she would campaign with her party for a public vote.

Mr Timms, a member of the House of Commons select committee on exiting the European Union, made it clear in a Recorder column last week that he would vote against.

He said: “If Britain adopted the agreement negotiated by Theresa May, the damage would be less than leaving without a deal. But it would still be serious.”

East Ham’s representative in Parliament accused ministers of failing to secure “frictionless trade” with the agreement saying little about workers’ rights, consumer protection or the environment.

He signalled that if Parliament rejected the deal, he would support a vote of no confidence in the government and if that failed to prompt a general election, he would support a people’s vote on leaving the EU on the proposed terms or remaining.