Newham has the highest voter increase in London

Voters in Newham are on the increase and the number of people joining the electoral roll rose by 3.3 per cent.

Newham has the highest number of people joining the 2012 electoral register in London, according to a poll conducted by credit and marketing data expert Equifax.

The firm believe the increase could reflect the economic recession with many people finding it harder to access loans, benefits and credit cards without being registered.

Neil Munroes, external affairs director for Equifax, said: “There is, we believe, a general consumer understanding that the electoral roll has a part to play in enabling them to access credit and other financial services.

“We think, therefore, that the small overall increase in adults registering on the electoral roll could be a reflection of the more restricted access to credit in the last year or so.

“Not being registered on the electorial roll at your current address can have a detrimental effect on new credit applications because lenders use this data to verify your identity.”

Newham has the tenth highest increase nationally as Ipswich occupies the top spot with 4.3 per cent more people joining the electoral register.