Newham Council says it is prepared for predicted snow at the weekend

Newham Council has pledged that the borough is fully prepared for the predicted cold snap over the weekend.

In a statement the council announced that its Winter Maintenance Plan would be put into effect to help keep the borough moving.

Newham’s roads were being pre-treated with salt against ice and snow on a priority basis, starting with London Bus Routes, and Main Roads which carry more than 1,500 cars an hour at peak times, according to the statement.

Under the plan roads will also be treated after ice or snowfall to keep the busiest roads safe, and priority is also given to the next day’s rubbish collection routes, when resources permit.

Priority for clearing footways is concentrated on locations where injuries are more likely to occur, like town centres, traffic interchanges, shopping centres and outside buildings such as schools, old people’s homes, day centres and doctors’ surgeries.

But during heavy snow or prolonged icy conditions it is unlikely that all residential roads can be treated, according to the council.

But when able, the council also promised to treat places with moderate footfall, such as less busy shopping areas.

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And if salt alone is not getting rid of the snow or a further heavy snowfall is forecast before re-salting can take place, snowploughs may have to be used, as a last resort, to clear those roads which can be ploughed safely.