‘Major concerns’ prompt warning for Beckton hospital

�A Beckton mental hospital has been ordered to make improvements after inspectors identified major concerns over patients’ health and welfare.

The Cygnet Hospital, in Tunnan Leys, was found to be “unable to adequately measure crucial elements of risk” during a routine visit by staff from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). There was also evidence of patients at the four-ward facility being left on their own, according to inspectors.

The law

Other areas of concern included safeguarding people and staffing.

In all, the hospital was found to be failing to meet seven out of 16 essential quality and safety standards.

Major concerns were also identified with the care and welfare of service users.

Hospital bosses said they had already put an action plan in place to address the CQC’s findings. They now have 14 days to set out a plan of action for improvement.

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Colin Hough, the CQC’s regional director in London, said: “We have told Cygnet Hospital Beckton where it needs to do more to comply with essential standards and we have asked them to tell us what action they will take to improve. We will check to make sure that the improvements have been made.”

“The law says there are the standards that everyone should be able to expect when they receive care. Providers have a duty to ensure they are compliant — or face the consequences.”

The concerns were identified during a routine review of the information held about the hospital and a site visit on January 19.

John Hoar, Cygnet’s commercial director, said: “Cygnet Health Care works hard to maintain high standards and provide a quality service and these CQC reviews are seen as helpful in identifying areas that need improvement in order to ensure an excellent experience for our patients.”