Lyn Brown MP supports Afghan women’s rights

West Ham MP Lyn Brown is supporting a campaign to highlight the plight of women in Afghanistan.

She took part in an event at the Houses of Parliament on November 23, which saw a cross-party group of MPs and peers having their photographs taken in front of handmade kites.

They were designed by campaigners from around the country to symbolise their support for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

The campaign, led by groups including ActionAid UK and Amnesty International UK, has seen 18,000 campaigners petition the government to support Afghan women’s rights, with more than 8,000 kites designed.

The kite symbol is being used because in Afghanistan women and girls make kites but are prevented from flying them because of cultural attitudes that make it socially unacceptable.

Mrs Brown said: “I was absolutely appalled to read of a mother and daughter who were dragged from their home and stoned and shot by the Taliban.

“Campaigns like this are important so that we remember the most vulnerable in Afghanistan and ensure we put women and girls’ human rights at the forefront of peace negotiations.”