Brexit proposals: How did Newham’s MPs vote?

Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms. Picture: MPs' offices

Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms. Picture: MPs' offices - Credit: Archant

Newham’s MPs have joined their colleagues from around the country in voting on options for the next steps in the Brexit process.

Lyn Brown, who represents West Ham, and Stephen Timms, who represents East Ham, had their say on eight different options put forward.

None of the proposals received a majority of parliamentary support, although Ken Clarke’s customs union proposal came closest, losing by just eight votes.

Mr Timms said: “Although none of yesterday’s options got an overall majority, two have become front-runners; the customs union and the public vote. Both of these have significantly more support in parliament than the prime minister’s deal.

”My preferred option is still a public vote and yesterday’s result shows that there is scope for this option being approved by parliament. It is now time for the Government to put its deal to the people to break the Brexit deadlock.”

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