London 2012: PM David Cameron heckled during one-month-to-go speech

David Cameron was told that he should be “ashamed of himself” as he was heckled by a London 2012 worker in Canning Town yesterday during a speech marking a month-to-go until the Olympic Games.

The Prime Minister spoke to about 200 Games Maker volunteers at a specially-arranged visit to the uniform distribution centre in Newham when the protester stepped forward.

Just 22 seconds into Mr Cameron’s speech, the protester, dressed in the purple and orange official uniform, shouted: “Shame on you, David Cameron - you are crippling the poor in London. Shame on you...”

The man tried to continue but his words were drowned out by the other volunteers.

He was then quickly ushered out of the room.

Mr Cameron, who was standing on a podium, responded by saying: “This is not about politics. This is about Britain. It is about volunteering. It is about our country. It is about a successful Olympics.”

A London 2012 spokesman said: “People are allowed their political views.

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“It was just a rather inappropriate place and time to air them.”

No further information was given on the worker but London 2012 said he would continue in his role.

The embarrassing episode happened after London 2012 chairman Lord Coe was greeted with a standing ovation and a warm round of applause when he stepped into the room. He thanked the volunteers for their hard work.

Mr Cameron received the same reaction during the surprise visit, before the intervention, and paid tribute to volunteers for their contribution to the Games.

Mr Cameron said: “Coming here today and seeing what you’re doing really brings home to me what an enormous amount you’re giving up to be part of these Games.

“These Games couldn’t exist without you, so a really big thank you. You’re going to work really hard over these next few weeks.

“Some of you have been working really hard already. So a very big thank you on behalf of the whole country for what you are about to do.

“You’re not just part of the Games, you will be what makes the Games a success.”