London 2012: Drivers will need permits to park in Newham

Drivers wanting to park in Newham during the Olympics and Paralympics will have to wait until May before they find out if there are enough permits to go round.

Games organisers have now confirmed the entire borough will be subject to parking restrictions every day from 8am until 9pm.

Existing residents’ parking permits can be used, but those who live and work in areas with no current parking controls will be sent an ‘information pack’ in two months advising them on what to do next.

The permits will be free of charge.

Locog chief executive Paul Deighton said: “We have to ensure that spectators can get from transport links to venues safely, whilst providing a reliable and secure transport service to get athletes, officials and media into venues.

“We don’t want spectators driving to venues and parking on residential streets, we want them to take public transport.”

Roads surrounding the Olympic Park in Stratford will be restricted, with no stoppages on Broadway or Stratford High Street.

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Only residents and business owners with existing parking permits will be allowed access to Leyton Road, Rick Roberts Way and Manor Road leading to West Ham station.

The area will also be littered with checkpoints.

TfL has also confirmed that the roads covered by the Olympic Route Network (ORN) will now be fully opened up to all traffic at times of lesser demand.

A network of signs will be put up to inform motorists when they are free to move into the Games lanes.

It was believed that the lanes would simply be no go areas for people not connected to Olympics during the Games.

Churches and funeral directors contacted the Recorder last month with fears that funerals and weddings would have to be put off until after the summer.