General Election 2017: East Ham MP accuses Theresa May’s government of ‘making Britain poorer’

East Ham MP Stephen Timms

East Ham MP Stephen Timms - Credit: Archant

Stephen Timms has accused Theresa May’s government of making damaging cuts to services for his constituents.

This morning, the long-standing MP for East Ham said he would be campaigning for “vital public services, which the Tories are damaging so much – and want to avoid talking about” in the snap general election on June 8 after announcing his candidacy.

He said: “The Tories are cutting school funding. In London it’s even worse - they want to switch school funds away from London to the countryside.

“The NHS is under unprecedented strain. It desperately needs investment.”

Mr Timms also criticised the prime minister for going back on her earlier promise not to call an election, saying that “Theresa May doesn’t mean what she says”.

He added: “The prime minister wants this campaign to be all about Brexit – even though parliament has already approved triggering Article 50.

“I will be campaigning to stop Theresa May making Britain poorer, negotiating away British jobs and handing them over to Europe.”

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This will be the seventh parliamentary election for Mr Timms, who retained his seat in the 2015 general election with a 77 per cent share of the vote.

“I am grateful for steadfast support from local residents, and for the support of local Labour members who will – once again – be working with me on a lively and energetic campaign,” he said.