Forest Gate students in university EU debate

Stephen Timms addresses students at UEL (picture: UEL/Ewen Laycock)

Stephen Timms addresses students at UEL (picture: UEL/Ewen Laycock) - Credit: UEL/Ewen Laycock.

What are the key issues surrounding the referendum?

That was what St Bonaventure’s students taking part in a workshop at the University of East London attempted to find out.

They joined their counterparts from Havering Sixth Form College in listening to a keynote speech from East Ham MP Stephen Timms.

The students then debated many of the major issues, including freedom of movement, democracy and sovereignty from a range of political perspectives.

Mr Timms said: “Although I strongly believe Britain is better in the EU, I am impressed that the University of East London is encouraging young people to engage with all the debates around Brexit.

“For some of these students, it will be the first time they have voted on something so monumental. For others, it could mean growing up in a Britain outside of the EU.

“The questions from students have been intelligent, and I am confident that civic engagement projects like this will continue to spark interest in politics among the next generation.”

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The workshop was organised as part of UEL’s aim to ignite interest in current affairs.