City Hall the latest to call for ‘Olympic legacy’

The Green Party’s Jenny Jones has admitted the “tremendous fun” of the Olympics changed her mind about the event.

The London Assembly member said it was now time to make sure the capital reaps the benefits.

She joined her fellow City Hall politicians to praise all those who were involved.

Mrs Jones said: “I was sceptical about bringing the five ringed circus to London but I am delighted to admit how much I enjoyed our great city hosting the Games.

“They were tremendous fun and at times spiritually uplifting.

“Our job now as assembly members is to ensure that London has concrete benefits from the Games that last even longer than the memories of one fantastic summer.”

The London Assembly passed a motion last week praising all volunteers, athletes and spectators.

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Murad Qureshi, who proposed it, said: “Tens of thousands of unsung heroes have put in millions of hours of work to deliver the platform for the most successful Olympic and Paralympic Games ever.”