Chinese praise our health care

A CHINESE delegation visited Newham on a fact finding trip to learn how the borough provides healthcare services for its residents.

The health officials from Hangzhou spent a day at Newham University Hospital NHS Trust during which they learnt about some of the challenges and successes of the organisation.

The visit to the hospital included information sharing about the range of services provided locally and how the trust works closely with other local hospitals.

Teng Jianrong, Deputy Director of Hangzhou Health Bureau and the delegation lead, said: “I am most impressed with how the Trust successfully infuse sustainability into all areas in the hospital, given that there are so many challenges such as deprivation and diversity. The ‘patient first’ attitude and approach of the Trust, was made even more outstanding and admirable when the current spending cuts further restrain the limited resources.”

One of the key purposes of the visit from the Hangzhou Health Bureau, who manage healthcare for over 6.8 million people in China, was to learn about how Newham is able to deliver efficient hospital management systems and an efficient health service when faced with population density challenges and financial restraints.