East Ham MP reiterates calls for public vote on final Brexit deal amid Commons chaos

Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham

Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham - Credit: Archant

The MP for East Ham has reiterated his support for a referendum on the final Brexit deal after the prime minister postponed the vote on her terms for the UK to leave the European Union.

Labour MP Stephen Timms, who sits on the Brexit committee, made the remarks after Theresa May admitted to a noisy Commons on Monday her deal would be rejected “by a significant margin” of MPs.

“It seems clear to me that parliament will reject anything along the lines of the agreement the prime minister has negotiated,” he said.

“I would therefore prefer the vote to go ahead, so that we can conclude the debate and move on to consider alternatives – and in particular to consider the case for a Peoples’ Vote, with Staying in the EU as one of the options.”

The 599-page deal sets out the UK’s exit from the EU, including plans for workers’ rights, trade and border arrangements.