Brexit: Step-by-step guide to the UK leaving the EU

The referendum on Britain's EU membership was held last year

The referendum on Britain's EU membership was held last year - Credit: Archant

The Recorder has produced an easy-to-understand guide to everything Brexit after the country took a massive step towards leaving the EU on Wednesday.

MPs voted by 498 votes to 114 in favour of triggering Article 50. Picture: PA.

MPs voted by 498 votes to 114 in favour of triggering Article 50. Picture: PA. - Credit: Archant

MPs voted by 498 votes to 114 for a Bill giving Theresa May authority to invoke Article 50, which begins Britain’s two-year EU exit.

Why is the UK leaving the European Union?

A momentous referendum was held on Thursday June 23 to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union.

The Leave campaign won by 52pc to 48pc.

In Newham, the vote swang the opposite way, with 55,328 people taking to the polls and voting to remain.

It amounted to 52.8 per cent of constituents wanting to stay in the EU.

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The turnout was 59.2pc.

What is the European Union?

The European Union - often known as the EU - is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries.

What does the country have to do in order to leave?

Negotiations to start the exit process can only begin when Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon is formally triggered.

It is a part of European Union law that sets out the process by which member states may withdraw.

Why are politicians voting now?

A Supreme Court battle was started after campaigners argued that denying the UK Parliament a vote was undemocratic.

Gina Miller was the woman who brought the successful legal challenge against the government over Brexit.

It led to a judge ruling Parliament must be consulted before Article 50 is invoked.

What is the latest?

Two days of debate and bitter clashes in Parliament was followed by a MP vote in the House of Commons.

498 MPs voted in favour of a bill giving the Prime Minister authority to invoke Article 50.

What next?

A final vote will take place on Wednesday at the House of Lords in the committee stage.

Two days of further debate starting on Monday will see MPs scrutinise the Bill in detail and put forward amendments for votes.

How long will it take for Britain to leave the EU?

Once Article 50 has been triggered, the UK will have two years to negotiate its withdrawal.

But no one really knows for sure how long it could take with 27 national parliaments all having to agree to the terms of Britain’s exit.

To find out how your MP voted and why, see next week’s paper.

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