Breaking News: Royal Albert Way, Beckton, closed from tonight to beat racers

It will be the end of the road for racers who usually gather on Royal Albert Way on Saturday nights as the street will be closed from tonight.

It will be closed every Saturday night until Sunday mornings in a move designed as the latest deterrent against racers gathering there. It is also the latest step in a joint initiative between Newham Council and Beckton Safer Neighbourhoods team following complaints about car racing and large groups of people meeting there.

A dispersal zone has already been introduced giving the police and Newham Council enforcement officers the power to disperse groups of more than two people. They can also tell those who do not live in the area to leave and not return for 24 hours.

Anyone who refuses or breaches the notice can be arrested. It is punishable on conviction of a custodial sentence of up to three months and/or a fine of up to �2,500. The order is operational in and around Royal Albert Way and will run until January 1 2012.

Councillor Unmesh Desai, cabinet member for crime and anti-social behaviour said: “This kind of racing is dangerous and these people have no consideration for those who live nearby. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and we will take tough enforcement action to put a stop to this kind of reckless driving. These initiatives will help deter racers from meeting here and hopefully put an end to the problems reported by local residents.”

For further information about this initiative contact the Beckton Safer Neighbourhood Team on (020) 8721 2040 or email