15,000 apply for Newham Council property license

Over 15,000 private landlords have applied for a property license from Newham Council so far.

The scheme - which came into force on January 1 - is the first attempt in the country to regulate all private properties in an effort to stamp out rogue landlords and poor housing conditions.

Newham Council estimate there are 35,000 private tenancies in the borough and they extended their original deadline by a month to encourage every landlord to sign up.

Applicants are charged £150 for a five-year license if they register before the end of the month otherwise they will be charged £500.

Landlords who fail to license could face fines of up to £20,000. To find out more, visit www.newham.gov.uk/Housing/PrivateSectorHousing/HousesInMultipleOccupation/PropertyLicensing.