Life-president, co-founder Community Links Kevin Jenkins claims regeneration does not help families in poverty

Kevin Jenkins is retiring Community Links after several decades

Kevin Jenkins is retiring Community Links after several decades - Credit: Archant

An extremely concerning report with far-reaching implications for Newham’s future slipped through almost unnoticed during the election campaign.

The report highlighted research carried out by academics at Oxford University who found that 50 per cent of all Newham households were poor and even more damning, over the past 30 years, Newham was found to have experienced the largest percentage increase in poverty of all the London boroughs.

The report is further evidence that the unprecedented regeneration that Newham has experienced, especially since 2007, and is continuing to experience was tasked to make a difference for Newham’s poorest families and to stop more Newham families entering poverty.

The current pace of regeneration has never been quicker. Hardly a month goes by without another major scheme receiving approval and breaking ground.

Soon there will be no space left for regeneration and no opportunity to turn around the once-in-a-generation opportunity we had to give a life-changing legacy to all of Newham residents, and not just the 50pc more able and mobile.

Not for the first time in this column, I ask, indeed, I challenge the decision makers and developers to come together with the communities they are currently failing – to take stock of what has worked and what has not and to work together with the community to provide the legacy that they deserve and have been promised for so long.

Decision makers and developers please contact me at to confirm your willingness to participate in a round table discussion to start the change.

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