Letter: UEFA Euro 2020 - England football team

England manager Gareth Southgate gives a team talk at half time of extra time during the UEFA Euro 2

The England football team in the Euros boosted national morale - Credit: PA Images

Be proud of England footballers

John Oneka-Okello, pensioner from Forest Gate, full address supplied, writes:

The hope, expectations, enthusiasm and support that the ‘Ball was coming home’ have been shattered following the outcome of the UEFA Euro 2020 Final between England and Italy.

The British people, people from all walks of life, fans and all supporters of England team in the UK and abroad have been disappointed that Italy won the match by beating England 3 goals to 2, following penalty kicks.

Reflecting on the history of the tournament, the current England team has exhibited that it is a force to be reckoned with. By reaching UEFA Euro 2020 final, England has achieved tremendously and the team, the British people, fans and supporters from all walks of life within the UK and beyond need to be proud and walk with their heads high.

The match progressed to penalty whereby Harry Kane and Maguire scored one each. And Rashford and Saka, each of them missed to score.

England's Jadon Sancho (17) and Bukayo Saka alongside team mates during the penalty shoot out follow

England's Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka alongside team mates during the penalty shoot out following the UEFA Euro 2020 Final - Credit: PA Images

One would argue that a number of factors contributed to England losing the tournament. It may be debatable. My theory points at England’s scoring skills, teamwork and refereeing.
Additionally, BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, presenter, Mr Nick Robinson, raised a question asking somebody the likelihood of considering having a younger manager for the England team following the defeat.

I would argue that this is a bad idea, destructive and may cause more harm. The current England team and their coach and manager will identify where mistakes occurred and try to correct those errors for future games. Both the England team and their manager have played a huge part in bringing the team up to the current high level in participating in the UEFA Euro 2020 final. All of them should be proud of themselves and the country.

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Soccer is soccer and one side has to be declared winner even if mistakes were made in one way or another by players, refereeing or management.

Mr Gareth Southgate and his team should be hailed for the achievements and to continue build on what is learned and prepare for the future games.