Letter: Protect West Ham Park

plant nursery site

Plans to begin marketing the former plant nursery over the summer and invite developers to submit bids have been approved by the City of London's West Ham Park committee. - Credit: Jon King

Keep homes off West Ham Park

A Stratford resident, full name and address supplied, writes:

During the lockdowns, a walk around West Ham Park provided a lifeline and an escape from solitary confinement for me so I was distressed to read about the plans to build houses on part of it, despite its charitable status, and the stipulation in the trust leaving the park to the local community forever.

It seems the government’s new planning laws leave a loophole in them that allow the corporation to do this. 


green houses - Credit: Jon King

If true, it must leave a giant question mark over the future of all our parks and open spaces such as Wanstead Flats which is very worrying.

I know there is a need for housing an it is a government priority but Newham has some of the worst pollution black spots in London and needs as many green spaces as it can get. 

So, I support the Friends of West Ham Park in their efforts to stop this outrage because if they can build houses on West Ham Park, where next?