Landlords name new Stratford office after couple

LANDLORDS have named their new offices in Stratford after a couple who have lived in the same home for 66 years. Flo and John Robins, aged 92, were handed the keys to their home on April 17, 1944.

With John in France serving his country, it was a 26-year-old Flo who moved first into 94 Guinness Trust Buildings in Southwark, south-east London - paying 15 shillings and 11 pence for her weekly rent.

The four walls witnessed the ups and downs of the lovebird’s married life, not least the birth and childhood of their two boys and the terrors of World War Two.

Due to health problems, the couple earlier this month moved to a Guinness South sheltered housing scheme.

So to recognise their new start, the couple’s landlords have honoured the name by naming their offices in The Grove Robbins House.

Flo said: “I feel it is about time I had an honour at my age! It was a lovely surprise. I always wanted to sing, but my parents couldn’t afford it, so this is a way to shine I guess.”

Margaret Dodwell, managing director, said: “The Robins sum up what makes a good tenant - people that are committed to their area, love their home, always pay their rent on time and respect their neighbours.”