Kristy Bamu witchcraft killing: Couple from Manor Park guilty of murder

A couple who tortured and drowned a teenage boy after accusing him of witchcraft are facing life sentences.

Magalie Bamu, 29, attacked her 15-year-old brother Kristy with pliers and a metal pole, while her fiance Eric Bikubi, 28, used knives, wooden planks and a hammer.

The pair also inflicted beatings on Kristy’s sister Kelly, 20, and a younger sister, who cannot be named, after accusing them of sorcery.

Kristy suffered 130 separate injuries after he was subjected to “torture of quite brutal and savage proportions”, the Old Bailey heard.

His face and head were covered in cuts, his teeth had been smashed out and ceramic floor tiles had been broken over his head when he was discovered in his attackers’ blood-soaked flat on Christmas Day 2010.

Part of his ear had been torn off with the pliers and he had been forced to eat a metal screw.

Kristy and his four siblings had come from their home in Paris for a holiday with the couple at their eighth-floor flat in Hathaway Crescent, Manor Park.

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But the hosts became convinced their guests were practising ‘kindoki’ - African magic - and were using it to control another child of the family.

The pair inflicted a series of increasingly violent punishments, using weapons including a curtain rod and a weightlifting bar, jurors heard.

Bikubi admitted manslaughter with diminished responsibility due to suffering brain damage that led to delusions and hallucinations, while his lover denied any part in the attacks.

But both have been found guilty of murder following a month-long trial.

The jury took more than 26 hours to reach its verdicts.

Bikubi had already admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm against Kelly and the younger girl.

Bamu was convicted of identical actual bodily harm charges.

They will be sentenced on Monday.