Kristy Bamu witchcraft case: ‘Sentences reflect couple’s brutality and sadistic cruelty’

After the Old Bailey case ended Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe from the Child Abuse Investigation Command and the officer in charge of the case, said: “The sentencing reflected the brutality and sadistic cruelty inflicted on Kristy in the days leading up to his death.”

The investigation was lengthy and complex, he added.

“The Met has done a great deal of work to understand and deal with belief-based child abuse, including witchcraft and spirit possession.

However, this is a hidden and under-reported crime and therefore difficult to deal with in terms of protecting potential victims from harm.

“Today’s outcome is a tribute to the bravery of Kristy’s parents, brothers and sisters who, already traumatised, were forced to relive the horrific events leading up to Kristy’s death.

“It is difficult to see how today’s verdict will bring much comfort to the Bamu family but I do hope that it will allow them to move on with their lives.

“Child abuse in any form, including abuse based on a belief in witchcraft or spirit possession, is a horrific crime which is condemned by people of all cultures, communities and faiths and is never acceptable in any circumstances.”

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To the claim that the two accused practised witchcraft whose origins are in the West African country of Congo, he said:” “I have met representatives from the Congolese community, I have been informed that they have been horrified by the circumstances of Kristy’s death and condemn the actions of those responsible.”

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