Keyless car theft in Newham is second highest in London

Criminals are even stealing cars without keys

Criminals are even stealing cars without keys - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What would you do if someone stole your car?

Nearly 500 vehicles were pinched in Newham last year without using keys – the second highest after Redbridge for any London borough – prompting a new police drive to protect your vehicles.

Operation Endeavour launched this week after an eight per cent increase in vehicle theft across London in 2014.

It sees officers in Newham on patrols and leafleting, urging drivers to “protect their vehicle like their home”.

The Met says the jump is due to organised crime gangs targeting even keyless cars with a clever electronic device that disables the alarm.

This has led to more than 6,000 extra vehicle thefts in London, bringing the total last year to 24,000.

Det Chief Supt Carl Bussey, lead for Operation Endeavour, said: “We believe that organised crime groups using this technique are responsible for the theft of thousands of vehicles in London.

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“Steering wheel locks, immobilisers and tactics like parking in well-lit areas are the motoring equivalents of home security.”

Police also say to park in a garage, staffed car-park or somwhere with CCTV, and to double-check the vehicle is locked before leaving.

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