Kenrick’s Newham dance troupe breakin’ good

Boy Blue Entertainment

Boy Blue Entertainment - Credit: Archant

Dynamic dance group Boy Blue Entertain-ment are preparing to storm the stage at the UK’s biggest street dance showcase, Breakin’ Conventions.

The group will display their talents on Sunday May 4 as part of the three-day event in Sadler’s Wells, hosted by east London’s acclaimed hip-hop theatre artist Jonzi D.

Co-founder of Boy Blue Entertainment and East Ham resident Kenrick “H20” Sandy said that although the group have been performing at Breakin’ Conventions since 2004, this is their biggest performance yet.

Kenrick, of Abbots Road, said: “Our piece, called Legacy, is a collaboration between our adults and our youth dancers. We are going to be looking at four different styles of hip-hop and there will be about 40 dancers.”

Kenrick added: “The choreography is not all neat; I have given the young people an opportunity to create the pieces as well. The ‘legacy’ refers to showing our next set of dancers.

“I had the skeleton but I wanted them to have the opportunity to work amongst that.

“It inspires them to be solo performers.”

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This support of young artists reflects the ethos of the company who work to nurture their members and develop their talent.

Kenrick added: “It is about training, self esteem and teamwork –pushing kids to understand not just their crafts but also understand themselves. Freestyling and solo work is just as important; choreography helps to create structure but freestyle helps you to know yourself.”

The performance will be heavily focused on the dance moves, accentuating them with basic music that will not distract the audience from the main spectacle.

Breakin’ Convention will run from May 3 to 5 featuring youth companies and more established acts alongside DJs, graffiti exhibitions and workshops run by international artists.

Kenrick said: “For me, it is an amazing platform for UK artists to be on the same level as these international companies. From a creative point of view, it gives a platform to create new work or certain ideas that I want to be appreciated by a hip-hop theatre audience.”

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