Keep pets out of the sun, says East London RSPCA


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Animal welfare officers are being called out to save pets suffering from heatstroke and other sun-related afflictions as temperatures creep over 30 degrees.

RSPCA "Dogs die in hot cars" information poster.

RSPCA "Dogs die in hot cars" information poster. - Credit: Archant

Animal welfare officers find they are regularly called out to incidents where animals are suffering from heat exhaustion, sunburn, and dehydration in this hot weather.

Lorna Gower, from East London RSPCA, is calling for pet owners to be responsible and keep their furry friends cool.

She added: “It is very distressing to see a dog struggling to cope with the heat.

“Not only that, if you walk them on concrete they will burn their paws.

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“It’s common sense, really - leave your dog at home when it’s hot and walk them in the early morning or late evening.”

Symptoms to look out for include tiredness, panting more than usual, wet paw prints, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

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If your pet looks like its suffering this summer, lower their temperature by moving them to a cool area, douse them in cool water and then take the animal to a vet.

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