Judges dismiss appeal from jailed rapist

Sadria lost his appeal against his 16-year jail sentence

Sadria lost his appeal against his 16-year jail sentence - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

A sex beast who raped two women in separate attacks must swallow his tough jail term, top judges have ruled.

Artan Sadria, 28, accosted a woman in Stratford before raping her and forced a second woman to have sex with him while threatening her with a pair of scissors and a knife.

Sadria denied any wrongdoing but was jailed for 16 years at Wood Green Crown Court last August, after he was convicted by a jury of two counts of rape.

On Wednesday, three judges at London’s Criminal Appeal Court rejected a sentence challenge by Sadria, saying they were “satisfied” his punishment was “not manifestly excessive”.

Lord Justice Treacy said Sadria accosted a young Czech woman in Stratford and lured her back to his workplace, before starting to touch her in an upstairs bedroom as she slept.

She told him to stop, but Sadria carried on, demanding that she take off her pants. When the woman tried to push him away, Sadria persisted and he raped her.

He attacked his second victim while she drunkenly lay on a bed. She told him to “leave her alone” but he took a pair of scissors and threatened to “cut her hair”.

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He then produced a knife, causing an injury to her hand. After protesting, the woman removed her trousers and submitted to Sadria’s advances, the court heard.

Sadria was arrested after the women complained but insisted he was innocent.

On appeal, his counsel, Alexandra Pease, argued that the 16-year jail term was far too tough.

But Lord Justice Treacy, sitting with Mr Justice Walker and Mrs Justice Thirlwall, said: “We are satisfied that the overall sentence was not manifestly excessive... we dismiss the appeal.”