New online information resource set up for Newham families

Newham Council has appointed Geeta Subramaniam-Mooney as its first Children and Young’s People Commi

Geeta Subramaniam-Mooney: “Providing trustworthy and relevant information is vital to ensuring families are well informed." - Credit: Newham Council

Newham Council is partnering with the Recorder to celebrate Year of the Young Person until February 2022 – celebrating the achievements of young people and highlighting the services and support aimed at them.

Newham Council is launching a web resource which provides key information about services available to young people, their parents and families.

Journey of a Child collates all the resources available to residents and their children from birth to the age of 25. It will go live on Thursday, January 20.

 A council spokesperson said: "Having access to trusted, age-related information about activities and services available locally is key to ensuring that families are supported and children can grow up happy, healthy and ready to learn and thrive."

Newham residents, including young people and their parents, participated in user-testing sessions before the launch.

They provided feedback on the structure and accessibility of the resource.

One mother, who participated in the user testing process, said: “The website is very well-structured, informative, helpful and well-navigated."

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The interactive web resource is easy to navigate, the council spokesperson said, because of its visually stimulating design and structure that allows users to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Councillor Carleene Lee-Phakoe, cabinet member for Brighter Futures, said: “We want to make sure young people and their families have quick and easy access to all the available resources, and that’s what this superb new interactive resource achieves.

“For the first time, Journey of a Child puts in one place all of the most important information for young people, their parents and families.

"We hope it will prove very popular with all parents-to-be, parents and young people and make a real difference to how residents find the services they need.”

Newham’s children and young people’s commissioner Geeta Subramaniam-Mooney added: “Providing trustworthy and relevant information is vital to ensuring families are well informed when they need it about what support and activities are available to them as well as getting advice to help their children lead happy and healthy lives.

“From early years’ education to mental health and financial support, our new web resource is designed with our residents in mind and we will continue to work on improving and updating it with the most recent and useful information.”

Journey of a Child provides access to information such as on immunisation, early years’ education or registering for a school.

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