Jobless numbers among Newham youth continue to climb

Youth unemployment and total jobless numbers continued to rise in Newham in February.

Figures for the total jobs market rose for the fourth consecutive month, while youth unemployment, which is the highest in the capital, climbed for the third month, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data.

A spokesperson for The Prince’s Trust, which offers training programmes for the young unemployed, said: “Unemployed young people living in the UK outnumber all the runners who have ever taken part in the London marathon since it launched 30 years ago.

“With the total number of unemployed school leavers at its highest since records began, the prospects for a generation of young people are looking increasingly bleak.

“It is imperative that government, charities and employers work together to ensure all young people get the support they need - and deserve - to move into the workplace.

“This is the case in Newham, in particular, where so many young people are trapped in the dole queue.”

Youth unemployment rose to 2,830 in February from 2,770 in January.

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On a year-on-year basis, figures were by 6 per cent to 2,830 from 2,675 in February 2010.

ONS data show the total number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) in Newham rose by 160 to 10,802 in the month from 10,642 in January.

On a year-on-year basis, jobless numbers were up by more than 500, or 5 per cent, on 10,267 in February 2010.

Newham had the second highest number of unemployed in the capital, behind Lambeth with 11,425.

In percentage terms, Newham was second only to Hackney with 6.7 per cent of its workforce unemployed.

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