Jeremy Paxman visits Canning Town charity

Jeremy Paxman visited Caritas Anchor House

Jeremy Paxman visited Caritas Anchor House - Credit: Archant

Jeremy Paxman praised the work carried out by Caritas Anchor House during a visit to the Canning Town homeless charity.

He described the facility, which he has been patron of since 2011, as the “full package”.

“Each person who walks through their doors gets support tailored to them, whether that’s improving their job prospects with educational and training courses, addressing drug or alcohol issues or dealing with mental health needs,” Paxman said.

“Their focus is very much on treating people as individuals, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. That might sound simple, but it’s incredibly important and, as their track record proves, it works.”

Paxman will speak at the House of Lords next month to mark Caritas Anchor House’s World Homeless Day reception, which aims to draw attention to the serious issue of homelessness and the needs of those affected.

Keith Fernett, Director of Caritas Anchor House said: “We are delighted to have Jeremy’s support. He has a real understanding of the issues that lead to homelessness and is fully behind what we are trying to achieve here.”

For more information about the charity, visit

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