Japanese TV makes film about homeless coffee scheme at Forest Gate cafe

TV Tokyo filming at Coffee7 in Forest Gate

TV Tokyo filming at Coffee7 in Forest Gate - Credit: submitted

It seems the world could be descending on Forest Gate after a Japanese TV crew flew in to film a programme about a coffee scheme for people in need.

TV Tokyo filming at Coffee7 in Forest Gate

TV Tokyo filming at Coffee7 in Forest Gate - Credit: submitted

TV Tokyo was at Coffee7 earlier this month to make a programme about ‘suspended coffee’, a scheme whereby customers can pay for an extra hot beverage that they don’t drink —instead leaving it to be claimed by someone who is homeless or broke.

The cafe in Sebert Road has already received media coverage by the BBC, national news papers and Time Our magazine after becoming the first in London to introduce the idea, which originated in Italy.

Japan saw a big increase in homeless people in the 1990s due to a rise in unemployment following the collapse of the Japanese asset price bubble.

During the Japanse TV report a member of the cafe staff describes the scheme as very “civilized”, saying people give to charity without making a big song and dance about it.

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And a resident, who is seen coming in to claim a suspended coffee, explains how it gives him something to look forward to.

Mic Clarke, who is one of four residents owning the cafe leasehold, said: “It was a surprise when TV Tokyo contacted us, I think they got the idea from watching us on the BBC.

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“We were happy to have them in the cafe filming, and we hope the result connects people and is positive.

“It’s been encouraging to have messages of support from Japan on Facebook. One Japanese man said that he wants to visit us when he next comes to London!”

Visit http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/mv/wbs/globalwatch/post_41850/ to see the report on Japanese TV.

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