Japanese theatre show heads to Stratford

Kuli Kala: Revenge of the Samurai heads to Stratford Circus

Kuli Kala: Revenge of the Samurai heads to Stratford Circus - Credit: Archant

Travel back to a 16th century mythical far eastern Japanese province in an exciting new show.

Kuli-Kala: Revenge of the Samurai is an action packed stage production from Japan that will be making its UK debut at Stratford Circus Arts Centre this month.

The story is brought together by 30-DELUX, a popular Japanese theatre company that specialises in Ta-Te, a ritualistic style of mock sword play.

Lynne Hobday, a performer and the only Brit in the cast, said she was very excited for the show.

She said: “I am very excited to be accompanying this production to London.

“Initially I was brought on board to write the English lyrics. One thing led to another and I was asked to play the role of the storyteller.

“I have been working in the Arts in Japan for over 20 years and one of my greatest aims is to contribute in some form or other to cultural exchange between the UK and Japan. This is a great opportunity for me and I am extremely honoured. I worked with Mr Sahashi on two Sailor Moon musicals - his music is always so enthralling.

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“I also greatly respect the Stratford Circus Arts Centre’s dedication to the performing arts and I am delighted to be able to stand on this stage. In Japan I do a lot of Japanese theatre, so it is great to use my English for a change. I cannot wait!”

Kuli Kala tells the story of a Samurai seeking revenge against an evil Shogun who has assassinated his family.

Throughout the show, the audience will be able to look forward to Swashbuckling sword fights, dynamic choreography, music, and song.

Lynne added: “It has been a long standing dream of the composer and executive producer of Kuli-Kala, Toshihiko Sahashi to take an original Japanese musical to London and present it to the UK and the world. In particular, he greatly respects the UK for its innovation in musicals especially such musicals as Jesus Christ Superstar and Cats. He wanted to create a musical that was innovative and revolutionary.”

She added: “It is no wonder Mr. Sahashi is one of the top composers in Japan. It is a unique mixture of Eastern and Western musical styles - with a dash of progressive influences for good measure. Sometimes classical, sometimes rock. Sometimes ambient, sometimes heavy.

“Thanks to the layout of Stratford Circus Arts Centre, you can see the band. So not only can you enjoy the musical as a story but also as a live musical performance.”

The show takes place between November 24 and 28. Visit stratford-circus.com for information.